About Us

EPCC Machine Werkz offers a professional service assisting clients with mechanical challenges through design consultation, machine work, and fabrication. The company’s tried and true “out-of-the-box” problem-solving has assisted engineers and technicians around the world, from humble solo operations to massive corporations.
Erik Hergert, founder and operator of EPCC, has been in the design and machine industry for over 40 years. 25 of those years were spent at the Boeing Company, where he worked on military and aerospace technology while holding a top-secret clearance with the United States Government. Now operating independently, Erik is still an approved vendor for Boeing’s Research and Development labs, as well as numerous other institutions in the aerospace, medical, and defense industries.
When Erik isn’t working with clients, his wide skillset is utilized on personal projects, including various upgrades and inventions for cars, dirt bikes, tractors, and homes.