Areas of Expertise

Erik has been designing and building unique problem-solving parts for the last 40+ years.  EPCC has supported the following areas in recent years:

  • Test Laboratory Tooling Support
  • US Military Special Projects
  • Research and Development Fabrication
    • Stealth
    • LO
    • RF
    • IR
    • Radar
    • RAM
    • Signature Material
  • Prototype Design and Build-Up for Invention and Disclosure Needs
  • Crossbow Industry Test and Tooling
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory Component Build-Up
  • General Adaptation
  • Display Racks in Retail Outlets
  • Mechanical Repair and Maintenance Industry
  • Automotive Modifications
    • Racecar
    • 4x4
    • Motorcycle
    • Bicycle
    • Tractor
  • Custom Home and Yard Structural and Cosmetic Hardware

Please see my links below to view my proprietary, industrial, and off-hour parts and projects.

Click Here to View Proprietary Military and Commercial Projects

Click Here to View After Hours Parts and Projects