Areas of Expertise

I've been designing and building unique problem solving parts for the last 38 years.  EPCC has supported the following areas in recent years:

US military special projects

Test laboratory tooling support

Research and Development fabrication for Stealth, LO, RF, IR, Radar, RAM and Signature Material type projects.  

Proto-type design and build-up for invention and disclosure needs

Cross bow industry test and tooling support

Pharmaceutical laboratory component build-up

Adaptors and adaptions of all kinds

Display racks for retail outlets

Mechanical repair and maintenance industry

4 x 4,  race car, motorcycle, bicycle and lawn tractor modifications

Custom home and yard structural and cosmetic hardware

Please see my links below to view my proprietary, industrial and off-hour parts and projects.

Proprietary Military and Commercial Projects

Other Industrial - Commercial Projects

After Hours Parts and Projects

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