Proprietary Military and Comercial Projects

Over the last 26 years, I have been involved in hundreds special proprietary projects.   Most of these revolved around the fields of Signature Materials, RF, IR, LO, Radar, RAM technologies.  Also included was Research & Development tooling support for future military and commercial airplanes.  In most of these projects, I was able to play an important role in problem solving road blocks to keep  the engineers and technicians moving forward in their testing. Unfortunately, I am not able to display the majority of these projects due to their nature.  Here are few pictures of parts a assemblies built here at EPCC..  A partial photo gallery is in the works and should be coming soon. Click to enlarge and thanks for looking.

Rotating Range Assembly
Parts for Range Assembly
and more....
....and more.
Antenna mounting hub
LO material holding fixture

Timing gear for radar pivot
Purpose built Chemical Etch tank machine for LO customer
Signature material test apparatus stand
RF tight electrical boxes
K band test hardware
Pharmaceutical  Lab Testing 

Grocery display product racks
Assembly of rifle scope test calibration fixture
Tripod assembly jig